GOD’S WORD: Real Hope (Case of 100 Copies)

GOD’S WORD: Real Hope (Case of 100 Copies)

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The title itself—GOD’S WORD: Real Hope—is immediately attractive to people. After all, hope is what people of all ages are looking for in life. Very few people (whether they’re young or old, educated or less-educated, churched or un-churched) get up in the morning thinking that they need a New Testament to get them through the day. Instead, in the face of the tensions, challenges, and fast pace of life, they wake up searching for hope and encouragement to help them get through another day.

Unlike the New Testaments or complete Bibles many individuals and groups have traditionally given away, GOD’S WORD: Real Hope is a tremendous, 128-page theological resource featuring the apostle John’s account of Jesus’ ministry. It also includes the following sections:

  • Hope for Today in This Troubled World!
  • Hope for Today: Knowing What God Thinks About You!
  • John’s Account of the Life of Jesus
  • The Basics of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed
  • What Does God Want You to Do?
  • How to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer
  • A Quick Guide to Passages of Hope

Dimensions: 4.125" x 6"

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