Become a GOD’S WORD Translation Bible Ambassador

Become a GOD’S WORD Translation Bible Ambassador

Are you an educator, church leader, or pastor with a knack for the written word? Would you like to expand and grow your audience? Become an Ambassador for GOD’S WORD!

As an Ambassador, you can directly submit content for consideration to be published in our Seed Planters blog—either existing articles or new guest posts. Follow these guidelines to ensure approval and timely publishing.

If your content is approved and published:

  • We’ll link from to your website and/or published materials.
  • We’ll share your blog post and tag you through our email and social media channels.

Our expectation is that you will practice reciprocity in the Ambassador relationship, such as:

  • Linking your audience to when your posts are published.
  • Sharing photos of yourself using GOD’S WORD Bibles and tagging us in your social media channels.

Contact us using the form below to get the process started!

*Not sure about becoming an Ambassador, but you still want to use GOD’S WORD Translation verses in your writing? Please include the appropriate copyright notice.

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