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GOD'S WORD Digital Bible Editions

With so many Bible translations available, how can you know which one is right for you? We believe readers of all ages deserve an easy-to-read Bible that brings its truths and stories to life for today’s world.

When you choose the naturally accurate GOD’S WORD® Translation, you can trust that the words you read are true to their meaning.

Download GOD'S WORD Laridian Pocket Bible Edition

  • GOD'S WORD Bible on Laridian Pocket BibleThe GOD’S WORD Translation Laridian Edition is the only digital version that integrates with the powerful Pocket Bible® application.
  • God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society selected Laridian to release the first updated digital edition.Read, study and enjoy God's Word anywhere you go with PocketBible®! For quick Bible reference. For in-depth study. PocketBible is always there to help you learn and live the teachings of the Bible.
  • The GOD’S WORD Translation Bible expresses meaning naturally in a way that a native English speaker would have spoken or written.
  • Older digital editions from other publishers are no longer supported and will no longer be updated

Don’t miss out on a closer relationship with God and profound spiritual growth by reading an out-of-date translation filled with theological jargon.