GOD’S WORD Is Alive & Powerful!

Why Should You Stock GOD’S WORD Bibles?

As Bible readers, your customers should be confident that their Bible helps them to know God. To impact their spiritual growth and learn how the Bible applies to their lives, they need a Bible that’s accurate, understandable, and relevant.

With so many translations available, how can they know which one is right for them? We believe they deserve a Bible that brings God’s saving truths to life for today’s world. When they choose GOD’S WORD, they can trust that the words they read are true to their meaning in the ancient texts.

This is the Bible that speaks in today’s English so people of all ages—including second-language learners—can study and comprehend it. Your customers will hear God’s voice clearly from an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand Bible.

“This is truly an accurate and easy-to-read translation. It’s like sitting down with God the Father himself and having a meaningful conversation.”
Christian Roberts
Tulsa, OK

Bible Translation Guide

GOD’S WORD Is in a Category All Its Own!

GOD’S WORD speaks to everyday readers using a translation technique that combines accuracy with understandability. This technique is called closest natural equivalence and accurately translates the meaning of the original languages into natural English. At the same time, closest natural equivalence retains as many of the unique characteristics of the original text as possible without making the English translation unnatural or harder to understand than it was in the original languages.

GOD’S WORD Is Timeless –Yet Relevant – to Today’s English-Speaking World

This groundbreaking Bible translation and format was introduced to the market in March 1995. We began self-publishing, marketing, and making the GOD’S WORD Translation available for licensing in January 2016.

Mistakenly thought to be out-of-print, we’ve actually sold over 10,000 units directly to consumers in the past two years alone! This proves that readers are eager for an easy-to-read Bible that speaks to them in clear, natural English.

To offer GOD’S WORD to your customers, call (904) 614-1287 for pricing and ordering.