Troubling Situations Build Stamina

Troubling Situations Build Stamina

When bad days happen, we are sometimes forced to face problems and pressures that are too much for us to resolve on our own. Challenges point out our weaknesses and prompt us to rely on things outside ourselves.

The pain of difficulty helps us recognize the possible deception of things that appear good on the surface but can turn out to be harmful. As a result, we realize how bad choices can damage us and those we love.

Miserable events that do happen can be a signal to reevaluate our priorities. In troubling situations, we need to consider our intentions and understand if we are spending enough time nurturing the most essential parts of our lives—our spiritual relationship and connections with others. We should regularly assess those parts of our lives and devote the time and effort needed to sustain them.



One of the most valuable outcomes of our hardships is that after going through them, relying on our faith, and receiving comfort, we can share that contentment with others who face similar difficulties. When those people are troubled, we can offer them the same peace we have received.

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Father who is compassionate and the God who gives comfort. He comforts us whenever we suffer. That is why whenever other people suffer, we are able to comfort them by using the same comfort we have received from God.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Even though our faith gets challenged, our stamina can grow. Reflect on the tough times, and you will develop into a robust you.

My brothers and sisters, be very happy when you are tested in different ways. You know that such testing of your faith produces endurance. Endure until your testing is over. Then you will be mature and complete, and you won’t need anything.
James 1:2-4


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