Pray the Scriptures: New Life

Pray the Scriptures: The Promise of New Life

Open my eyes to your miraculous teachings. I can’t understand them without your help. My heart aches for your instructions.

When I’m close to death, I’ll cling to your promise of new life. When I’m drowning in tears, I’ll look for your strength.

I refuse to lust for worthless things. New life with you is so much better. Don’t let me miss out on your blessings. Don’t let me forget a single word of your truth.



Your words give me hope. They comfort me in misery and promise me new life. Your laws are my songs in a lonely place. I remember you in the dark of night and resolve to obey you.

You’re a gift to me in this world. I promise to keep my grip on your words. Please keep your kind promises to me.

Inspired by Psalm 119:18-58

Psalm 119:28 GW

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