Pray the Scriptures: Fix My Broken Places

Pray the Scriptures: Fix My Broken Places

Pity me because of your mercy. With your unlimited compassion wipe away my rebellion. Cleanse every bit of my sin.

I admit I’m rebellious. I’ve sinned against many but none more than you. You’re right to judge me. I’ve been sinful my whole life.

You desire genuine truth and sincerity, so teach me wisdom deep inside. Scour me thoroughly, and I’ll finally be clean. Give me joy and fix my broken places.



Wipe away my guilt and give me a clean and faithful heart. Don’t push me away or take back your Spirit. Make me glad to be saved and eager to obey.

Give me the chance to teach rebels and lead sinners back to you. Rescue me from the worst of my sins. I’ll let my tongue praise your righteousness. 

If a sacrifice could satisfy you I’d give it. But I’ll bring the broken heart you desire. Favor me with your goodness. Rebuild me and the people I’ve hurt. Then you’ll be pleased.

Inspired by Psalm 51

Psalm 51:17 GW

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