Only the Well-Trained Should Take the Wheel

Only the Well-Trained Should Take the Wheel

In everything we do, it’s important to be fully informed before making decisions. Just because a sixteen-year-old knows how to drive, it doesn’t mean they should be piloting a rocket-on-wheels at the Indianapolis Speedway.

It happens that people can easily feel well-informed, react to a hyped-up bit of information, or recite the face-value interpretation of something. We all can be that way if we’re not careful. The things that enter our heads need to be couched in context.



What we hear, or what someone else tells us, needs to be verified. We can debate things based on the opinion of others, but it is insignificant unless it’s backed up by a reliable source. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “nothing matters if the Lord has not taught it.”

Human thoughts and emotions constantly mislead how people consider the truth. It sounds arrogant and exclusionary on the surface, but Christianity is the only faith that has that truth. Over time, our personal faith experiences will wash away what can be perceived as arrogant. All good things we encounter are either directly or indirectly stem from that belief.

Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars. The Father doesn’t change like the shifting shadows produced by the sun and the moon.
James 1:17

Having a thorough knowledge of the stuff that races through our heads can be life-changing in the direction of our lives. Only well-trained drivers should take the wheel of a rocket-on-wheels or they might not make it around the track.


God’s Word Mission Society welcomes Dan Nuckolls, a GOD’S WORD Ambassador.

Photo courtesy of Helio Castroneves.

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