God’s Extreme Kindness


Pray the Scriptures: God’s Extreme Kindness

Once I was dead because of my sins. I followed the ruler of this world. I gave in to my corrupt desires. I deserved your anger.

You lovingly show me mercy. It’s your extreme kindness that saves me. You brought me back to life and gave me a seat in heaven.

You saved me through faith as an act of kindness. It wasn’t the result of anything I’ve done, so I have no reason to brag. You made me what I am. You created me to do good.



I wasn’t part of the Jewish people or a beneficiary of your early promises. But your blood brought me into your family.

You brought me back to you through the cross. You came with Good News of peace. Now you’re building me and others into a place where you live.

You give the same inheritance to everyone who belongs to you. Show me the kindness you showed Paul. Let me spread your immeasurable riches. 

Inspired by Ephesians 2:1-3:8


Ephesians 2:8 GW

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