God’s Word for Today: May 21

God’s Word for Today: May 21

Psalm 90:1 to Psalm 92:15

Moses wrote Psalm 90 about 3,500 years ago. God’s attributes remain the same: he is wise, kind, eternal, all powerful, and perfectly righteous.

How does God define true success? The world’s definition of success is different than the Lord’s. In fact, God regards many people as foolish that our culture has labeled as “success stories.” We read in Philippians 3:9 that we “have God’s approval through faith in Christ.” When we obey and serve the Lord faithfully, he blesses our lives with true success.

Today, taking an idea from Psalm 92:2, try to remind yourself every morning of God’s mercy and faithfulness. In the evening think of specific ways God was faithful to you during the day.

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To enhance your understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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