God’s Word for Today: March 12

The Ark of the LORD’s Promise (detail) by Tissot

1 Kings 5:1 to 1 Kings 8:66

Solomon built God’s temple. Until this time, the people had worshiped God in a holy tent (see Exodus 26). Solomon took 7 years to build God’s temple. Solomon’s palace, however, took 13 years to build.

What do we know about the most holy place? The only object inside this sacred space was the ark of the LORD’s promise. This dark, cube-shaped room was separated from the rest of the temple by a thick curtain. The chief priest was the only person allowed to enter the LORD’s presence in this “inner room”—and only once a year to make an offering for the sins of Israel.

Today, be sure to remember that God is holy and show him respect when you pray. Ask God to help you set aside a time for worship each day.

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