God’s Word for Today: July 10

God’s Word for Today: July 10

Ecclesiastes 3:1 to Ecclesiastes 5:20

You will discover in chapter 5, verses 8–20, that money cannot bring lasting happiness. Instead, it brings stress and misfortune. Only investing in God’s kingdom will bring eternal dividends.

Why is the book of Ecclesiastes so sad and somber? Solomon trusted and served God when he began his reign as king of Israel. But his love for his many wives—who served false gods—eventually caused him to walk away from God. Solomon wrote this book at the end of his life, looking back over too many wasted years. His conclusion: life is pointless and empty without a close relationship with God.

Today, during your prayer time, present your budget to God. Ask him to help you consider changes in your spending habits that will please him.

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To enhance your understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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