God’s Word for Today: January 23

God’s Word for Today: January 23

Leviticus 1:1 to Leviticus 7:38

Because God cannot let sin go unpunished, he provided a way to pay the penalty for the sins of his people. Sacrifices took away God’s anger with their sins and allowed God to forgive them. Fifteen hundred years later, Jesus became the complete and final sacrifice. Take note of the severe consequences of sin in 4:27–31.

Why do you need to confess your sin? Confessing your sin is how you recognize your shortcomings before God—who is perfect. In the days of Moses, confession was done by sacrificing animals without blemish. Now, we see Christ’s death on the cross as the sacrifice required to pay for our sin.

Today, ask God to help you avoid sin. Thank him for the opportunity you have for close fellowship with him.

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