God’s Word for Today: January 15

God’s Word for Today: January 15

Exodus 1:1 to Exodus 4:31

After Joseph died, his family continued to grow. The Egyptians eventually hated the Israelites and made them slaves. God chose Moses to rescue his people and bring them back to the land God promised to their ancestor, Abraham.

To give you some perspective on patience, the descendants of Jacob and his 12 sons lived in Egypt for 430 years before God delivered them from Pharaoh.

Today, when you feel abandoned by or isolated from God, ask him to help you trust his timing as he prepares for you whatever lies ahead.

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To enhance your reading and understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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  • Vicki

    I loved hearing about the story. And following as they draw. ♥️🦋

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