God’s Word for Today: February 24

GOD’S WORD for Today: February 24

1 Samuel 1:1 to 1 Samuel 3:21

Hannah thanked God for Samuel’s miraculous birth by dedicating him to God’s service. She took her son to be raised by Eli, Israel’s leader. Although Eli was a good leader, he failed to discipline his own sons. Chapter 3 records the time that God spoke to Samuel while he was still a boy.

Does God speak to Christians in an audible voice like he did with Samuel? God can speak to someone any way he chooses. However, Samuel’s experience was unique. God most often speaks to us through the Holy Spirit when we pray and through reading his word—the Bible.

Today, be sure to ask God for success in your life at home as well as in your job. Pray for ways to encourage your family to follow Christ.

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To enhance your reading and understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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