God’s Word for Today: February 19

God’s Word for Today: February 19

Judges 3:7 to Judges 8:35

The people of Israel regularly disobeyed the Lord. Because of this, God allowed enemies to defeat them. Each time, the people would turn from their sin. Then God would send leaders and rescue the people from their enemies.

Don’t miss the story of Gideon found in chapters 6–8. You may ask, who exactly was Gideon? An ordinary farmer, Gideon was used by God in extraordinary ways despite his lack of confidence or importance. God called Gideon to command the struggling Israelite army to an improbable victory. He then went on to serve as Israel’s fifth judge.

Today, ask God to provide an opportunity and give you the courage to tell someone about him.

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To enhance your understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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  • OVL

    Excellent method of “audio and visual” teaching and learning the Truth of God’s Word.
    Love it!

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