God’s Word for Today: August 2

God’s Word for Today: August 2

Jeremiah 30:1 to Jeremiah 33:26

Jeremiah did not live to see Judah tell God they were sorry. But God gave him a vision that showed him that one day Judah would again have a good relationship with God. God promised to rescue and rebuild Judah.

Why are difficult times important to spiritual growth (30:24)? God will use difficult circumstances to convict Christians of sin, help them grow spiritually stronger, and direct them to put more trust and faith in God.

Today, when you feel frustrated by life’s problems or overwhelmed with its pressures, ask God to help you look forward to heaven. Thank him for his promise of what is to come.

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To enhance your reading and understanding, watch this excellent video from the Bible Project—where visual storytelling meets the Bible:

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