God’s Word for Today: April 2

God’s Word for Today: April 2

2 Chronicles 17:1 to 2 Chronicles 20:37

Jehoshaphat, the good king of Judah, made an alliance with Ahab and Ahaziah, wicked kings of the northern part (Israel) of the divided country. God punished all the people of Judah for Jehoshaphat’s actions.

Following his mistaken collaboration with King Ahab, Jehoshaphat instituted many religious reforms—appointing judges, priests, and family heads to bring the people back to the LORD God. But this didn’t keep the surrounding nations from threatening to wage war on Judah. Fearing for his life and nation, Jehoshaphat sought the LORD’s help by asking all his people to gather and fast.

What is the purpose of fasting? In Judah’s case, going without food during this crisis brought the entire nation together for serious prayer. Many modern Christians fast as part of a commitment to ask for God’s assistance during times of great need.

Today, pray that when you encounter non-Christians, you will have a positive influence on them and not compromise your faith to suit them.

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