God Gives Hope When Dreams Break Down

God Gives Hope When Dreams Break Down

“The reason I can still
find hope is that I keep
this one thing in mind:
the LORD’s mercy.”
Lamentations 3:21-22

God gives hope when dreams break down.

Five funeral songs form the Book of Lamentations, likely written by the weeping prophet Jeremiah. These requiems communicate Israel’s utter distress at its detention in a foreign country, exposing the brokenness of both the Jews and the city of Jerusalem. Even the author has given up on living. Yet he still finds hope for this reason: God’s mercy.

Biblical hope is more significant than a wish or want based on our imagination or feelings. It’s an assured expectancy founded on the Lord. The prophet remarks that God’s wrath hasn’t destroyed Israel. His infinite mercy is new every dawn. The writer names the Lord his “lot” or “portion” (Lamentations 3:24), the one thing remaining in life and his lone basis for hope. God is good to all who seek his aid.

In times of deep discouragement, you might never expect anything excellent to come your way again. But set your hope in the Lord, whose compassion never ceases, and allow yourself to dream. Then, tell God why you still trust in him.

Inspired by Lamentations 3:21-30


Lamentations 3:21-22

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