From Sadness to Joy

Pray the Scriptures: Sadness to Joy

Keep talking to me so I don’t lose my faith. The time is coming when people who hurt me will think they’re helping you.

I’m overwhelmed with sadness because you’re leaving. But the only way the helper will come is if you go. Convict me of sin and show me what you approve.

Keep teaching me, because I can’t process all your truth at once. Guide me into everything I need to learn.



The pain I feel will turn to happiness. This will all turn out like a mother giving birth to a child. Joy will make me forget pain.

I’ll make requests in your name. I’ll trust you to give me what will make me truly happy.

I’m finally starting to understand you. You’re giving me the answers I need to have your peace. I’ll face trouble in the world, but I’ll cheer up. You’ve overcome the world!

Inspired by John 16

John 16:33 GW

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