Does God Care?

Does God Care?

Does God know what I’m going through? Does He care? What about the wonderful plan the preacher said God has for my life?

Sursum corda.

God absolutely knows what is going on. What about His plan for your life? It is a plan for you to give Him glory. The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, what is the chief end of man? I would add a question that our most learned forebears did not include: what is the chief end of God? Both questions have the same answer: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.



Hard as it is to admit... ours is not to know the plan. Heaven already sent the only memo that is ever going to be sent and titled it the Bible. Enjoy the ride, watch what God does and then follow the old Wesleyan proverb:

Love God with a warm heart and serve Him with active hands. Give God what He is owed—glory. Everything else will follow.

Matt Sherro
God’s Word Mission Society welcomes Matt Sherro, a GOD’S WORD Ambassador. Matt is the bi-vocational founding pastor of Abounding Grace Baptist Church. He also blogs about theology and more at Exploring the Truth.

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