Despite Heavenly Silence, the Lord Lives

Despite Heavenly Silence, the Lord Lives

If I go east, he isn’t there. If I go west, I can’t find him. If I go northward, where he is at work, I can’t observe him. If I turn southward, I can’t see him.
Job 23:8-9

Job seeks God but can’t find him.

In the first chapters of Job, this afflicted man doesn’t comprehend the negotiations playing out in heaven. Job has lost every worldly blessing—his flocks and herds, his offspring, and his health—but can’t see that Satan labors to press him into denying the Lord.

Job acknowledges that God both gives and takes away and refuses to accuse the Lord of wrongdoing. Job consistently defends his character, contending he’s done nothing to deserve such suffering. He bitterly groans that he’s sought after the Lord but can’t find him. Job longs for the chance to deliver his defense and hear what sin God has uncovered in his life.

During the darkest nights and fiery tragedies, you might go north, south, east, and west and not feel the Lord’s presence. You cannot catch him even when you follow swiftly in his footsteps. God is quiet when you desperately want to hear his voice. Despite the heavenly silence while life robs you of everything, the Lord lives (Job 19:25). You will see and walk with him again.

Inspired by Job 23:1-12




  • Mahi

    Amen. Thank you for sharing this and praise God for never leaving nor forsaking us though we may not sense his presence in ways that we expect.

  • Christeen RivaRigobert

    Wooooww!!!!!!!!! I’ve always related to Job because of the constant non ending attacks, praying (swearing) that I’ll never accuse Him or question Him as job did. Yet at the same time (I for the first time) see that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Not in a challenging way as Job did, but in an imperfect way of acknowledging that it has to be something I did and being Him to reveal it so I can stop and move past this constant barrage of attacks.

    Right now….this coming at this very time…….this specific season……

    I know He is speaking and He has my attention. Now that I know He’s speaking to me, it’s as though He’s got this and be still, (as a lifeguard goes to rescue a drowning victim and tell him to be still he’s got him), I’m sending Him telling me that He sees me. That just as with Job, at the right moment He’s gonna step in and put a stop to it all. But I need to calm myself and allow Him to do what ONLY He can do.

    Thank you for this right on time word. It’s actually brought so much peace to my soul.

    God bless you all.

  • Stacey

    It is more and more tangibly real in these recent years that we must walk by faith and not by sight. The reality of your life and faith yet lies ahead, saints. Jesus brings His reward with him. Keep living in the reality of His presence.

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