Crazy Worship

Crazy Worship

Are you a sports fan? I’m not interested in sports. Thankfully, neither is my husband. True fans are easy to spot though. They’re so passionate and loyal. They never miss a game, dress in team colors, know all the trivia, paint their faces, and act like frat boys at a party. Their homes are often a showcase of collectibles. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

But, get me talking about pianos or interior design and I’m like a dog with a beefy bone. My enthusiasm is passionate and detailed. I’m so focused I don’t even notice you’re not that interested. Yes, I guess I’m just as fanatical as those sports super fans. It’s just a different subject.

2 Samuel 6:14-19 is the account of when David brought the ark to Jerusalem. He was so excited; he didn’t care who saw him or what they thought. He was going to be crazy happy before God and everyone as the ark came into Jerusalem.

His wife Michal on the other hand was watching him through a window; to her it was an embarrassing undignified and inappropriate display for a king. She was too focused on propriety instead of God. David responded,

I will celebrate in the LORD’s presence, and I will degrade myself even more than this.
2 Samuel 6:21b-22a

Through all his trials, failures, and victories, David developed a deep relationship with God. Because of that; he loved extravagant worship. He appointed 4,000 Levites instructing them to praise God with music and wild abandoned praise.

The Levites, descendants of Kohath and Korah, stood up to praise the LORD God of Israel with very loud songs.
2 Chronicles 20:19

Walking into the temple during one of these praise times would’ve sounded and looked very much like today’s crazy sports fans.



One word for praise in Psalms is Hallel. It’s the root of the word hallelujah. It means to be clamorously foolish and rave to the point of being ridiculous. In other words it’s fanatical dancing, jumping, shouting, and singing. Are you seeing the super sports fan here?

Psalms always uses hallel for large gatherings. So this wild, crazy expression is best done in the company of others.

I will tell my people about your name. I will praise you within the congregation.
Psalm 22:22

Let them glorify him when the people are gathered for worship. Let them praise him in the company of respected leaders.
Psalm 107:32

This important part of praise is often ignored or thought of as irreverent. Yet, 48 times in Psalms we’re encouraged to be super fans for God. There is a time and place for exuberant worship. Be crazy happy before God at your gatherings. Jump, shout and be foolish. God loves it! You may not be a David, but be careful that you don’t become a Michal.

Thanks be to the Lord God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say amen. Hallelujah!
Psalm 106:48

Wendy Miller Bartsch

God’s Word Mission Society welcomes Wendy Miller Bartsch, a GOD’S WORD Ambassador. As a young adult, Wendy moved to Northern Canada as a missionary. During those years, numerous moves and life challenges deepened her faith and trust in God. Being creative at heart and wanting a way to express what God was teaching her, she started writing devotionals for family and friends and posting them on Facebook. With much encouragement, her first book Selah was published in August 2022.


  • Lee Feinstein

    Wendy Bartsch has opened my eyes and brought me closer to “God’s Word”. She doesn’t just write about common issues of life, she tells you how it relates to scripture, and even invites you to contemplate God’s words in your life. It’s truly a great daily bible study.
    I pray “God’s Word” has her write more for them, as I’m almost finished with her “Selah”.

  • Tharesa Lee

    Love Hallel…..

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