Authentic Prayer: Remembering

Authentic Prayer: Remembering

“Lord, let your power be as great as when you said, ‘The LORD … patient, forever loving…. He forgives wrongdoing and disobedience…. He never lets the guilty go unpunished, punishing children … for their parents’ sins to the third and fourth generation….’
Numbers 14:17-18

God never forgets anything he says or does. But it encourages your heart and emboldens your mind to recall his words and deeds.

Moses had led a mass of escaped slaves to the edge of the land the Lord had promised to Abraham centuries before. Spies who scouted the territory agreed it was beautiful and brimming with food. But they feared the land’s powerful inhabitants. The people refused to act on God’s command.

Now Moses stands between a stubborn people and an irate God. He envisions old Egyptian slavemasters mocking the Lord’s failure to plant his people in a new home. He recites Exodus 34:6-7, reminding God of his patient love and ready forgiveness, probing the Lord’s commitment to his promises. He finds God’s past actions prove he can be trusted in the present.

Through prayer you can recall the Lord’s words and declare his past deeds in Scripture and your own life, informing yourself and the universe that your God remains forever faithful. He never wavers from his kind plans. As you remember the Lord, count on him to remember you.

Inspired by Numbers 14:10-25



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