Authentic Prayer: Listening

Authentic Prayer: Listening

When the LORD saw that Moses had come over to see it, God called to him from the bush, “Moses, Moses!”
Moses answered, “Here I am!”
Exodus 3:4

Prayer is more than talking at God. 

Moses perceived God at a flaming desert bush, but their conversation only begins after the Lord first calls his name. Moses answers, and the Lord teaches him that any meeting place with God is holy ground.

When Moses fearfully hides his face, the Lord keeps talking. He already knows everything the prince-turned-shepherd could possibly have on his mind. He knows the cries of his enslaved people, and he already has a firm plan to rescue them that includes sending Moses to force his people’s freedom. The Lord isn’t quiet until he tells Moses his name, “I Am Who I Am,” (Exodus 3:14) the God who has always existed and who will always be with his people.

Your prayers might not feel like a back-and-forth dialogue with God. But he always invites you to quiet yourself and listen for him. You might hear his whispering voice, and you can expect him to speak to you through Scripture.

If you never stop the stream of words flowing from your mouth, you won’t ever hear his side of the conversation.

Inspired by Exodus 3:1-17



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