Authentic Prayer: Guidance

Authentic Prayer: Guidance

“I’ll place some wool on the threshing floor. If there is dew on the wool while all the ground is dry, then I’ll know that you will rescue Israel through me, as you said.”
Judges 6:37

God longs to lead your life.

Gideon’s fleece might lead you to believe the Lord needs prodding to reveal his plan for your life, but Gideon already knew his next steps.

Gideon went underground to avoid Midian raiders, threshing wheat inside a winepress rather than out in the wind.

Scripture makes clear the Lord himself appeared to Gideon (Judges 6:14). He answers the young man’s charge that Israel’s God had gone missing. He gives Gideon a mission. He pledges unassailable power. He meets Gideon’s dare with a fire from a rock. Gideon then tears down his father’s altar to Baal and survives his neighbors’ murderous rage. When he begs once again for assurance, God mercifully answers his request.

Praying for guidance often means asking God about what he wants you to do next. But as often as not it involves pouring out your thoughts and feelings until you finally stand determined to act on what you already know.

God invites you to ask for clarity. But rather than demand more proof of his plan, ask for courage to do as he says.

Inspired by Judges 6:11-40



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