Authentic Prayer: Commitment

Authentic Prayer: Commitment

In the presence of the entire assembly of Israel, Solomon stood in front of the Lord’s altar. He stretched out his hands to pray.
2 Chronicles 6:12

Commitment is as much about God as it is about you.

Solomon’s life had revolved around erecting a magnificent temple. The Lord had passed over his warrior father, David, assigning construction to his son, a man of peace. At the moment of the temple dedication, Solomon stands and stretches out his arms to pray. And his words are all about the Lord.

Solomon worships God as the unique ruler of heaven and earth, a God of action who never stops showing mercy. He thanks God for fulfilling his promises. He admits his grandest efforts are nothing compared to the Lord, who can’t be contained by a temple built by human hands. Only after lengthy praise does Solomon commit himself and the nation to living for God.

Only the Lord himself inspires and empowers true commitment. So as you dedicate yourself to his purposes, let your words be about more than your good intentions. Worship him fully. Worship him first.

Inspired by 2 Chronicles 6:12-42



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