Youth Ministry Teaching, Study, and Devotional Bible

Youth Ministry Teaching, Study, and Devotional Bible

Dr. Ben F. Goldsmith
Executive Director
Campus Crusade for Christ
Jacksonville, Florida

“...GOD’S WORD has been ideal for family devotionals with my wife and teenage children. The clarity of it has led to natural discussions of applications in our lives. It is so easy to read and so relevant in its wording to today's society...”

Dr. David Jeremiah
Shadow Mountain Community Church
El Cajon, CA

“GOD’S WORD for Students has been used very effectively in the youth ministries of our church to encourage daily Bible reading and study. I’m happy to recommend this excellent resource to parents and youth leaders who want to provide young people with an edition of the Bible that speaks their language.”

Marv Penner 
Director of Youth Quake and the Canadian Center for Adolescent Research

“We’ve always had translations that are very accurate and from time to time we've had translations that are readable. GOD’S WORD combines these two in a way that makes for an incredibly useful, Biblical tool to give to students.”



Helen Musick
Youth Ministry Professor
Asbury Theological Seminary

“GOD’S WORD is an easy-to-read, but accurate translation your students will love.”

Carol Thomas
Hollister, CA

“Our outreach ministry ‘Go Global’ has been using GOD’S WORD for about two months now and are totally delighted. The comments that I have received from the youth (ages 13-19) are (1) it’s the first Bible I have read that I really understand and (2) it seems easier for me to find the Scriptures I am looking for. Out of about 20 youths testing the Bible, I have not received one negative comment, all the way from the cover to the content. It’s not very often that you receive 100% of the youth giving it a ‘thumbs up!’ You and your staff are to be commended on the outstanding job of compiling GOD’S WORD.”

Dr. Larry Richards
Educator and best-selling author of the Adventure Bible and the Teen Study Bible

“GOD’S WORD is very possibly the most accurate English translation of the original text available today. GOD’S WORD is a must-read for 21st century Christians.”