GOD’S WORD is the First Choice of Pastors Around the World

GOD’S WORD is the First Choice of Pastors Around the World

Dr. D. James Kennedy (deceased)
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

“Even if the rather prolific output of modern translations, paraphrases, and versions of Scripture should increase, this particular linguistic achievement, GOD’S WORD, will rank among the top contenders with the Bible-reading public.”

“I have been impressed with the quality of books published by God’s Word to the Nations.... It is a pleasure to be partners together in the glorious work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Jeff McClain
Water Street Mission
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Because of its easy grammatical syntax, I use GOD’S WORD in sermon preparation and from the pulpit on a regular basis. As a pastor, overseer of an online school program, and as a coach for those on spiritual journey, GOD’S WORD is the one I continue to recommend and depend on.”

Alex Davis
Director of Ministry Operations
Open Arms Church
Bradford, Pennsylvania

“I’ve had time to dig into the GOD’S WORD Translation, and I love how the wording flows. It’s accurate, yet easy to read.”

Father Perry M. Ruby, Jr.
St. Padre Pio the Beloved
Port Charlotte, Florida

“GOD’S WORD makes it so pleasant to read sizable portions of the Word every day. Before, it was a chore as I found myself having to do a lot of translation of various terms and phrases in my head before I could get what I was reading. But, thanks be to God, GOD’S WORD does not make me have to do that, so I am not made to be exhausted in the pleasurable activity of Scripture reading.

And, if that is not enough, when preaching, I do not have to say, following each Bible reference, ‘What that is saying is....’ It speaks for itself in just the hearing. That frees me up to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, make the point of the sermon, and enjoy the ministry in response. Does that say enough about how well I like this wonderful work?”

Charles Bell
Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church
Setauket, New York

“GOD’S WORD is a useful tool in supporting our outreach efforts to serve International students at the University of Stoney Brook... Our ESL coordinator (who is the ESL program coordinator at the university and a member of our congregation), our volunteers, and especially the students have found these bibles most useful.”

Ron Crawford
Fidalgo Community Church
Anacortes, Washington

“I’m a huge fan of the GOD’S WORD Translation; in fact, it’s the translation we use most in our particular church because of its excellent mix of accuracy and readability....

The GOD’S WORD translation has been a key ingredient in our efforts to reach people for whom ‘church’ itself has been an obstacle to knowing God; many of these same people have been blocked from a relationship with Christ by a misunderstanding that the Bible is boring and irrelevant to them. We’re accomplishing our mission... thanks in large part to you accomplishing yours!

Thank you for your partnership in the Kingdom.”



Mary Ellen Brown
Fullness of Joy Fellowship
Canton, Ohio

“Fullness of Joy Fellowship is a non-denominational charismatic church. We use GOD’S WORD for our Sunday School teen classes and for our new believers who are saved at our church. This easy to understand translation has been very effective in both these areas....”

William Fitzgerald (retired)
Chicago, Illinois

“I enjoy doing comparative translation studies. My method is to ‘listen’ to a certain Bible version via cassette while ‘looking’ at another. GOD’S WORD was the Bible I looked at as I listened to the NIV, NAS, or NKJV. This type of evaluation led me to realize just how excellent GOD’S WORD is as compared to these others. I like the way GOD’S WORD flows, with its word choice and sentence structure....”

Robert J. Muller
Restoration Lutheran Church
Kendallville, Indiana

“I thank all of you for your faithful work. GOD’S WORD is a treasure. At first, I didn’t like it. This translation was speaking to my heart and I was uncomfortable. But as I stuck with it—checked the translation by going back to the Greek and reading in commentaries—the more I came to respect and trust it. Then the icing on the cake: when I personally experienced the powerful way GOD’S WORD communicated with new Christians, I started to love it and rejoice about it....

...Over the last two years God has permitted me to lead over 50 people to Christ or back to Christ. When I share Christ with them I read certain verses from three or even four translations—NIV, NKJV, NASB, TEV—but last I’ll read from GOD’S WORD. Invariably, when I read from GOD’S WORD their eyes will light up and they’ll say something like, ‘Wow! That was really clear. What Bible is that?’ I then give them a copy of GOD’S WORD and mark out what I want them to read.

GOD’S WORD is a wonderful, clear, and accurate translation. It’s a real blessing and I want to encourage you and everyone involved with it. Keep up the good work, keep the vision clear....”

Ron Mehl (deceased)
Foursquare Church
Beaverton, Oregon

“I don't know any other translation that so conscientiously captures the meaning of the original languages, yet reads more simply and clearly than a paraphrase.”

Scott Goltl
Ascension Lutheran Church
Wichita, Kansas

“The GOD’S WORD translation has found a home in the mission field of west Wichita. I will be giving every new member who attends my Adult Instruction class one of your Bibles as a gift.... I love this Bible. Obstacles of language have been removed and I can now see and hear God’s word more clearly. Forgive my gushing, but it has really made an impact on my life. Thank you! And on behalf of future believers I thank you.”

Mike Harrison
Lighthouse Christian Ministries
Grand Haven, Michigan

“We continue to pass along free copies of GOD’S WORD to first time guests at our church. We love it [GOD’S WORD]! Our seekers are understanding the Bible for the very first time, and the followers of Christ are loving its readability. Praise God!”