Bringing Men and Women to Christ through Prison Ministries

Bringing Men and Women to Christ through Prison Ministries

Jack Cowley
National Director of Operations
InnerChange Freedom Initiative
Prison Fellowship Ministries

“In our prison units throughout the United States we use GOD’S WORD as the foundation Bible in our Christ-centered, Bible-based transformational program for inmates. Not only are we pleased with the manner in which these men of all educational and spiritual levels have responded to this translation, I have also found the God’s Word to the Nations staff to be just great to work with.... They truly are partners in our work of assisting prisoners develop a meaningful relationship with Christ.”

Al Hanson
Al Hanson Prison Ministry
Concordia, MO

“The special edition of GOD’S WORD (with the ‘custom’ cover) that you produce for our ministry is bringing men and women to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ inside of our nation's biggest prisons.... Here is an interesting observation. When I go back to the prisons where we have shipped GOD’S WORD Bibles, I find ordinary Bibles from both major Bible suppliers in the chapel, the cell halls, and the reading areas, but I never find one of our special editions of GOD’S WORD just laying around. The high quality and the special cover make GOD’S WORD ‘private stash’ (as inmates say) and each Bible is the private property of a resident inmate.”



Rev. Winston O. Cato
Administrative Chaplain
New York Department of Correction
Anna M. Kross Center
East Elmhurst, NY

“By this you will know that I have received the shipment of [GOD’S WORD] you sent to me. The lives of the men here are enriched by the materials, and for this I give God the thanks.... It was such a joy to watch the smiles on the faces of the men as they received [GOD’S WORD]... you have made a valuable investment in these men's lives.... ”

Rev. Philip R. Johnson
Senior Chaplain
Dwight Correctional Center

“On behalf of the women who are incarcerated, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of several cases of GOD’S WORD. Your gift was very timely, and is almost depleted already, but many women are reading the Scriptures with new clarity because of your excellent translation.”

Rev. Beverly A. Johnson
Chaplain, County of Cuyahoga Justice Center
Cleveland, OH

“The Bibles [GOD’S WORD] that you so generously donated have proven to be such a source of power and strength as we teach the inmates how to tap into the mind of God through his word.”