Music, Radio, and Television Personalities Trust GOD’S WORD

Music, Radio, and Television Personalities Trust GOD’S WORD

Andy Chrisman
Artist & Worship Leader
Celebration, FL

“The Bible is God’s Word! It is the living Word of Jesus Christ. Our guidebook. Our lives will never reach their fullest potential unless we learn what God says about us in his Word.... The Word of God doesn't belong on a shelf, but in our hearts and minds. God’s plan for us is revealed in his Word.... I grew up going to church and hearing Bible stories, yet, even as an adult I recognize that sometimes translations of the Bible can be very confusing.... the GOD’S WORD Translation updates the living words of God to be more accessible to the 21st century believer, just as the King James Version was a breakthrough of understanding for its time. You don’t need a seminary degree for the GOD’S WORD Translation to make sense—just a little bit of time every day to hear what God wants to say to you. I have a passion to live for the One who created us. The GOD’S WORD Translation helps me do that. It’s a version that my children and I can read and understand together.”



Steve Camp
Christian Musician and Pastor

“It is truth alone that capacitates any soul to glorify God.”—John Owen

“New translations of the Bible abound today, but many fall short because they ‘dumb-down’ its meaning to try and appeal to man and in doing so fail to glorify God. Conversely, the GOD’S WORD translation of the Bible stands head and shoulders above its peers. It uses clear, contemporary language of our day and still ‘guards the trust’ of the rich meaning of the Scriptures. Being a parent of five children this balance is so vitally important. All my kids have enjoyed reading the GOD’S WORD Bible and, more importantly, understanding its great truths. Thank you for the valuable work you do for the glory of the Lord and the good of his people.”

Peter M. Wallace
President and Executive Producer
The Protestant Hour

“With so many Bible translations available, GOD’S WORD is the breakout choice. It’s clear and contemporary, yet intelligent and elegant. Its refreshing style communicates powerfully. Most important, it’s thoroughly accurate.”