International Ministry Leaders Choose GOD’S WORD Translation

International Ministry Leaders Choose GOD’S WORD Translation

Rev. Rey H. Del Rosario
Ministry Director
Raphah Ministries Philippines
Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines

I find using GOD’S WORD Translation a blessing in my daily studies and teaching of the word of God as a Prayer Counselor. Thank you for this wonderful gift to the body of Christ.

Rev. Samuel J. Udofia
Former President
The Lutheran Church of Nigeria
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa

“We are in the most populous country in the African Continent. Our Church is expanding rapidly and we have sent out hundreds of evangelists to spread the word and plant new congregations.... We have a lot of requests for English Bibles. A copy of GOD’S WORD was given to me by our missionary. This is a translation that beats other English translations of the Bible. What a treasure to share with the English-speaking world!”

Dr. Ramesh Richard
RREACH International
Plano, Texas

“I cannot commend your work enough, and I am trusting that I can use your Bible as a missions resource across the world.”



Rev. Fareth S. N. Sendegeya
ANITEPAM Corresponding Secretary
St. Mark's Theological College
Tanzania, East Africa

“I am extremely grateful that the copies of GOD’S WORD arrived... I am certainly going to make it my study bible. Apart from the easy to understand language, I like the single-column format—it makes reading so easy and comfortable... My students are joyfully using GOD’S WORD. I am finding it difficult to maintain them to the RSV which has for years been our official version at the college.”

Harlan E. Lyso
Seoul Foreign School
Seoul, Korea

“I’m deeply indebted to you for the donation of the many, many copies of GOD’S WORD that are now being used by our students. The fact that they are now in our students’ hands greatly enhances the effectiveness of our ministry here at Seoul Foreign School.... May God richly bless your efforts to spread GOD’S WORD to all nations.”