GOD’S WORD is Clear and Easy to Access

GOD’S WORD is Clear, Modern & Easy to Access

Perfect for Children and Beneficial for Christians New and Old

My family has been acquainted with the GOD’S WORD Translation of the Bible for many years. These were the first full Bibles that our children read, and the translation was a perfect match for those young eyes. The language is clear, modern, and easy to access.

Any Christian would benefit from owning a copy of the GOD’S WORD Translation, and reading it from cover to cover. For new Christians, it provides a story-like flavor that encourages engagement and understanding. For the more experienced Christian, reading this version provides opportunities for added insights into otherwise familiar passages.

The Deluxe Wide-Margin Bible

The Deluxe Wide-Margin edition is really stylish. The burgundy and gray cover is eye-catching and soft to the touch. The silver-edged pages give it a somewhat royal look. Overall, it looks pretty cool!

The interior includes a font that is large enough to read easily, though not too large to feel intrusive. The font is also dark black, which adds to the ease of reading. Titles and chapter headings are in a bolder, simpler font, making them pop off the page. Next to the single column of text is a wide margin for taking notes. There is plenty of space here, even for the most diligent note-taker.

This is a Bible primarily for reading. There are no lengthy study notes or introductions for each book, however, there are two useful indexes. One contains “Life Applications” which gives a list of Scripture references for such things as “Loneliness” or “Victorious Living.” The other index is a summary list of the “Teachings of Jesus,” and it includes short descriptions along with references for study. Additionally, this version contains “An Introduction to God's Saving Word” and an article explaining the procedures of translation for GOD’S WORD.

For any Christian serious about the Bible, I recommend owning, reading, and studying several different versions. The GOD’S WORD Translation is one of them.

Mark Sooy
Faculty and Chair, Leadership and Ministry
Grace Christian University



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