Everyday Readers Love the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible

Everyday Readers Love the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible

John Salatka

To see the word of God in image! That is often how this translation has come across to me. It communicates the image very clearly due to it's simplicity and truth.... it is a trustworthy translation. Definitely this is a great first Bible to read through.

Kevin Frisby

“Growing up as a young Christian, the GOD’S WORD Translation was one that really helped me in my understanding of God’s word. It was the ‘GOD’S WORD NEW TESTAMENT Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’ version that played a vital role in my early Christian journey and does to this day—the memories I still cherish! Thank you for a translation that is both faithful to the original languages and a delight to read! May the Lord richly bless you and may the GOD’S WORD Bible continue to encourage and inspire those who have ears to hear!”

Scott Poole

“I’ve been a Bible collector and reader since I became a Christian 17 years ago and I have to say, ‘I love the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible.’ This Bible is great for anybody wanting to get an easy, accurate understanding of the scriptures. Thank you!”

Christian Roberts
Tulsa, OK

“This [GOD’S WORD] is truly an accurate and easy-to-read translation. It’s like sitting down with God the Father himself and having a meaningful conversation. Whether you’re a new Christian or a faith veteran, you can rest assured that with this Bible you’re holding God’s word in your hands.”

Ray Fox
Midland, MI

“I must have nearly all Bible translations available, but GOD’S WORD is by FAR my absolute favorite! I was in Bible class on Wednesday, and everyone read from the NIV—except me! During the class a very puzzling verse came up—I read it in GOD’S WORD and the answer was there ‘clear as a bell.’”

Don Dickerson

“I can not tell you how impressed I am with the GOD’S WORD translation of the Bible. I have been a Christian, Bible Student, and Collector for 30 years. This is the best, most consistent in style, and easy to read translation on the market. I have bought copies for family and friends. I have not been so excited about a Bible translation since 1971.”

Dave Cowles
Spartanburg, SC

“I bought my first New Testament about eight months ago, and went back the next day and bought the full bible. I have given away several already. I recently shared with my pastor my struggle with trying to read twenty or thirty books at once versus my normal eight or ten. He told me I needed to ‘fast’ for a month, just reading the Bible. I choose the GOD’S WORD translation because I wanted an accurate translation that made me crave more.

I have shared your translation with several pastors... [GOD’S WORD] is such a wonderful, concise, accurate, READABLE translation. Unlike the New Living Translation and The Message, GOD’S WORD still has a prose-like beauty.... I think a fair gauge is if you read two or three Psalms out of a translation, and you aren’t moved, then something is probably missing in the translation—and it’s not necessarily you!”


“Just wanted you to know that I am reading my GOD’S WORD Bible with more enthusiasm than I could have ever thought! It is so easy to read. I wish I’d known about it sooner! I have had this Bible for about 2 weeks and I’ve read more of the Bible in those 2 weeks than I have in months of reading. I read all of Romans yesterday (Sunday). I couldn’t put the GOD’S WORD Bible down!”

Rusty D. Rutherford
Saint John the Divine Episcopal Church
Houston, TX

“I’ve been using GOD’S WORD exclusively in my teaching since I found it in 1996. So many people have told me it has made the Bible understandable for them for the very first time. Many of these people have advanced degrees [lawyers and doctors] so I think we often underestimate how effective simple communication in familiar words can be. Thank you for this translation. I don’t know what I would do without it. You don’t put barriers between people and God’s word. Instead, you reach out across the bridge of effective translation to deliver the message of God’s heart as he intended.”

Giesla Moore
Nashville, TN

“When I read GOD’S WORD I totally understand what is going on because it’s written in the language I have been taught all of my life! It’s smooth and totally comprehensible. When I was younger, I really could have used a Bible that could speak to me the way GOD’S WORD does. I plan to use GOD’S WORD with my son. He’s three so he can’t read yet, but one day he will and I know GOD’S WORD will be an invaluable tool for him in his study. Thank you so much for your most valuable gift. Our family will cherish it for many, many years to come.”

Tina Miltner
Burlingame, CA

“I just received the large print version of GOD’S WORD and I simply cannot tell you how much I love this Bible! First of all, the look of the Bible can only be described as beautiful! After admiring all the surface qualities of my new Bible I wanted to get into the Bible itself. I started with the Quick Start at the beginning the GOD’S WORD, and whoever wrote it has a real heart for God and I pray they are blessed. It was very well written and I was growing increasingly hopeful that I finally found the perfect Bible for me. Then I read the Preface and was very pleased with the way everything was handled in the translation process. Last but not least, I began looking up my favorite verses and I knew I finally found my Bible! My search for the right Bible began when I first became a Christian 13 years ago. I started with the Good News Bible and was told that I should only be using the King James Version of the Bible because it was the only Bible that was the real inerrant Word of God. I was advised to read the book by Gail Riplinger called ‘New Age Bible Versions,’ and after reading her book I was horrified and I became a ‘King James only’ advocate, yet I couldn’t understand most of what I read. There finally came a point where I stopped reading the Bible altogether because I couldn’t really understand the King James version and I felt too guilty reading any other version. Finally I read a counter-argument against Gail Riplinger’s book that pointed out all the good qualities of the newer translations. So I finally allowed myself the freedom to experience some of these versions, such as the Living Bible, the NIV, and the New Living Translation; however, even though I could understand these much better, there was still something lacking—the Living Bible was too childish, the NIV was boring, and the New Living Translation was okay. That’s how I happened to find your website—I was still looking for the right Bible, and now I’ve finally found it! My husband was so impressed with my new Bible that he wants me to order one for him also, which I will do right after I send this email. I’m so happy and impressed with what I’ve received so far that I have every intention of ordering all of your other books (the devotionals), etc. I also plan on buying a copy of GOD’S WORD for my mother, sister, and daughter for Christmas presents this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me my most prized possession—God’s REAL word! May the Lord richly bless your mission society for your goal to reach the world with GOD’S WORD. It truly is the best Bible I’ve ever read!”

Susan Eames
The Cedarwood Group

“My personalized copy of GOD’S WORD arrived earlier this morning. After yesterday’s (September 11, 2001) horrific tragedies in New York City and Washington, D.C., nothing could have been more unexpected or vitally critical to reconstructing our world.

When systems fail, crises explode, chaos descends, and the ordinary is from-this-day-forward forever changed, the simplicity of an easy-to-read Bible translation is a godsend!

When life is reduced to the instinctual for surviving today, our communication is also reduced to basic, essential language. This is what the Bible which was delivered today represents: essential communication from God for people in a survival mentality... easy to read and remember....”

Berniece Byrd
Castlewood, VA

“I’m setting here reading the Bible [GOD’S WORD].... I don’t want to lay it down. It is so easy to read. I can understand the Bible more clearly. Although I do love reading the King James Version, at times I do not fully understand the Scripture I read. I can read a Scripture in the King James Version and then go to this same Scripture in GOD’S WORD. What a difference!”

Brian and Angela Matthews
Ponte Vedra, FL

“The thing we’ve noticed about GOD’S WORD is that it is so easy to understand ‘at first glance.’ You don’t need to ‘think’ when you read it... IT speaks directly to your heart... it is truly a blessing!”

Ron Gregory
St. Cloud, FL

“I really enjoy this translation... the GOD’S WORD translation stirs the emotion to want to read!”




“I have been doing just what you suggested-- comparing translations with my professors. I had to read a verse in one of my classes, Romans 5:1 (which is one of my favorite verses). After reading it my professor asked, ‘What translation is that? That was right on!’ It [GOD’S WORD] keeps proving itself without my help. Every comment I get on this translation is, ‘I can’t believe how clear and accurate it is!’”


“You know, it has been about a year since you put the GOD’S WORD translation into my hands. Reading that translation has affected my walk with Jesus more than anything else I’ve ever experienced... I often go back to the KJV and reread certain passages that come alive for me in GOD’S WORD. I continually ask myself, ‘How did I ever miss this before?’ I explain it this way: ‘[The natural English in] GOD’S WORD is much closer to the experiences that I actually have in walking with Jesus.’ I could never connect those experiences with the language of the KJV before, and that caused a lot of confusion in my walk.”

Israel Velez, Jr.
Kissimmee, FL

“I must begin by saying that through this translation of the Holy Bible your ministry has brought me a whole new perspective of the word of God. It has showed me that I can open up the Bible and receive revelation of God’s words with little or no confusion. God has allowed me to see and know him better than I ever have before....”

Richard Robinett

“I am currently reading Jeremiah in your translation and was interested in your usage of the term ‘Lord of Armies.’ Comparing it with several other modern translations, I noted that most liked the term ‘Lord of Hosts.’ Going to a key word reference work I found that ‘Lord of Armies’ was one possible meaning of the original.... The term is used so many times that it kept the image of the city under siege in my mind as I read. I am sure that you have gotten criticism for ‘changing the original,’ but it changed the way I thought about Jeremiah and burned the image of an attacking army into my mind.

I have had your translation for a couple of years and I have used it for cross-checking the meaning of a verse as I studied.... I will read the whole Bible from your translation at this time.... When I became a new convert (in my late twenties) I started with the Living Bible and have used several others since. Lately, I have tried to read an entire new translation every year. It is amazing how much that has changed my thinking about the Bible. Others can argue about what the Bible says. I know that it says, ‘READ ME!’ I have my favorites and GOD’S WORD is up there!”

Paul Shaw
Franklin, OH

“I congratulate your translation team on an excellent combination of accuracy and readability. I have compared many, many verses across many, many versions and I am very impressed with GOD’S WORD. I own about 15 different Bibles, but I now believe that the only ones that a person really needs to have to get a clear picture of the original texts are the NASB, NKJV, and GOD’S WORD. I am a Bible junkie, and yet I had no idea that GOD’S WORD was such an accurate translation. I thought it was just another easy-to-read opinion of what the Bible says. Most of the ‘easy read’ versions read more like verse-by-verse commentaries.... Again, congratulations!”

Generosa Rader
San Diego, CA

“Over the past few months I have purchased all of the major Bible translations, many in ‘Study Bible’ format, as we use different translations in the Bible study better translations and after using a search engine on the Internet looking for ‘Bible publishers’ I found your home page.

Having just received the GOD’S WORD translation, I have begun to use it for daily Bible study and prayer. It offers very clear meaning of the verses compared to all of the other Bibles I have... now I am using it exclusively...”

Maretta Johanson
Victoria, Australia

“GOD’S WORD has certainly been fresh and focused. I bought it as an ‘unknown’—without recommendation.... Its clear and concise message is warm and compelling.... I assuredly recommend GOD’S WORD to bring ‘Life and Light,’ ‘Purpose and Hope’ to the people of today, and thank God for the great blessing it has brought to my life. Thank you for promoting and marketing such a ‘treasure’!”

Michael M. Adams
Theodore, AL

“I would like to compliment you on a job well done! I would recommend GOD’S WORD to anyone to use... It is packed with excitement from God’s word very accurately. I am pleased that you do not push your ideas or interpretations which others have...”

Walter A. Vollbrecht
Littlefield, TX

“GOD’S WORD is the type of Bible I have been looking for for over 60 years ... as my eyes grow dimmer and my body grows weaker I am truly thankful for your fine work in using words in [translating] the Bible that we all can understand ... I am truly thankful for GOD’S WORD.”

Richard D. Rutherford
Houston, TX

“After discovering your fine translation, I was so excited about it (I was teaching the Book of Jeremiah at the time) that I began actively promoting it. Since then, many of my students have purchased copies and consistently remark on how it is opening up the meaning of the Bible to them. Your clear, well thought-out presentations without long sentences and semicolons and absence of mysterious theological words help many of my students immensely. The graphic presentations of poetry are without comparison and greatly assist in teaching.”

Teeshalavone Jenkins
Oxon Hill, MD

“Today was the very first time I came across your Bible translation, I read the introduction and a few chapters. I said to myself, ‘At last, a Bible I can truly understand because it is written in plain English.’ I really like the layout of your Bible.”

Jolene Davis
Frederick, MD

“I became a Christian last January and I always had trouble understanding even the NIV that we have. I was in the book store and came across your wonderful translation. I picked it up and I could actually understand every sentence. I wanted to thank you for helping me make my walk with God easier.”