GOD’S WORD is an Ideal Bible Translation to Use for Evangelism

GOD’S WORD is an Ideal Bible Translation to Use for Evangelism and Outreach

Dr. Allan D. Buckman
Retired Director, World Areas
LCMS World Mission

“...more importantly, [GOD’S WORD] is a very readable translation. Obviously, the translators had in mind ‘those yet to be found’ instead of 'those already found' when developing this translation. God’s blessings to you as you continue with this important ministry.”

Dr. Paul Foust
Retired District Evangelism Executive

“I am using GOD’S WORD because I appreciate both the accuracy and readability. I am sure that the unbeliever must experience some real frustration when trying to understand and enter into a new relationship with God via some antiquated translation. This is why I consider this translation valuable in carrying out the Great Commission. Also I very much appreciate your focus in reaching those ‘where the name of Christ is not known.’”



Dr. Robert J. Scudieri
Area Director, North America
LCMS World Mission

“As you know, [GOD’S WORD] is my favorite translation. It is, in fact, the most readable translation that I have and communicates most clearly....”

Dr. Vernon L. Schindler
Retired President, South Dakota District, LCMS

“I thank God for your efforts to share God’s word with people, especially with those outside the church.... GOD’S WORD is very readable. It is an ideal Bible translation to use in evangelism outreach....”