Evangelists like Dr. Billy Graham Endorse the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible

Evangelists like Dr. Billy Graham Endorse the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible

Dr. Billy Graham
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“GOD’S WORD is an easy-to-understand Bible.... it is a wonderful version to give to someone who is a new believer or is not yet a believer.”

Steve Wingfield*
Author, Speaker, and President of the Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association

“I am very thankful that I have been introduced to the GOD’S WORD Translation, it is so easy to read and understand! Even though there are many English translations of the Bible, GOD’S WORD stands out due to its clarity and scholarship. I believe that the GOD’S WORD Translation will be the one that stays in your hands, not on your shelf.”

*Note: For more information on Steve Wingfield visit www.stevewingfield.org



Kel Richards
Sydney, Australia

“I am by profession a radio and television journalist, but I am also a lay evangelist, and in that capacity I am always looking for a translation of the Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek text which is both accurate and clear. Clarity matters, but accuracy matters even more. For my own private study I want a translation that is essentially literal. But for evangelistic speaking, writing, and broadcasting I want a translation that is CLEAR (without sacrificing literal accuracy).

For the former purpose I've tended to use the NASB or the NRSV.... For the later purpose I've tried the CEV and the NLT but have not been really satisfied with either. GOD’S WORD performs both these tasks better than any other translation I've come across.

So, for those purposes in which a combination of clarity (and simplicity of language) with accuracy and reliability is needed... GOD’S WORD seems to me to win hands down.

GOD’S WORD also seems to me to be an extremely valuable tool in tackling Biblical literacy—which is the source of unbelief and unfaithfulness in chuches, degradation in society, and great difficulty in evangelism.”

Dr. T. W. Wilson (deceased)
Former Executive Assistant to Billy Graham

“GOD’S WORD is accurate, inspirational and easy to read. Thank God for this translation!”

Tim Todd
Tim Todd Ministries

“During fifteen years of full time evangelistic ministry we have always made the most well respected versions of the Bible available in our crusades. However, I have never had so many positive comments from people about a version of the Bible as I have received in reference to the GOD’S WORD version.

After extensive study, I am convinced that the GOD’S WORD version is, without exception, the most accurate, easy-to-read version of the Bible available on the face of the earth. It is a powerful tool for this new millennium that should be placed in the hands of every individual at every reading age level.”