Bible Scholars Endorse GOD’S WORD

Bible Scholars Endorse GOD’S WORD

Rev. Paul E. Muench PhD
Concordia University
Austin, TX

“GOD’S WORD consistently uses words that better translate the original meaning of the text.”

Dr. Menahem Mansoor* (deceased)
Department Chair
Research Programs in Semitic Texts and Studies
The University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

“This new Bible translation, GOD’S WORD, strives to interpret passages for the American reader without changing the original Hebrew meaning of the text. The English language is constantly changing. It is time, and vitally important, to bring Bible translations up-to-date. The Old Testament portion of GOD’S WORD ranks among the best.”

*Note: Dr. Mansoor was a key technical reviewer/consultant for the entire Old Testament.

Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich (deceased)
Former President
Multnomah University

“I am greatly impressed! I couldn't put GOD’S WORD down. It certainly is the most readable English translation I’ve read. I predict it will become a standard text. I believe GOD’S WORD will enrich the study habits of a whole generation.”



Dr. Charles Guth
Prairie Graduate School

“Wow! GOD’S WORD is translated the way I teach my students to translate the New Testament.”

Dr. David Dockery
Trinity International University

“GOD’S WORD is a remarkably fresh, accurate, and readable translation that communicates well the original text for modern readers. Based on a sound linguistic approach, this new translation is an outstanding achievement.”