GOD’S WORD Is an Outstanding Linguistic Approach to Scripture

GOD’S WORD Translation Deluxe Large-Print Bible

I have read various versions and translations of the Bible, and I am impressed with the contemporary approach of the GOD’S WORD translation. While I generally read conservative and literal renderings of Scripture such as the King James Version, New King James Version, and English Standard Version, GOD’S WORD translation provides a literal rendering of the text while updating it to modern language. It accomplishes a rare feat of combining ancient and modern, and it avoids the predicament many translations face when striving to be contemporary.

I would say that GOD’S WORD translation is the ideal modern rendition of Scripture for someone who wishes to approach the Bible scholastically but to not use archaic language.

It permits a thorough study of the Bible without using an array of words that many people would not recognize without some erudition in archaic conventions of the English language.

Also, the Deluxe Large-Print Bible is fancy enough to fit in any scholar’s bookshelf and the print is large enough to read without difficulty. I would recommend this Bible to anyone who wishes to have a linguistically accurate translation in contemporary English. The rendition does not insult an academic’s intelligence, but it allows one to study Scripture in a modern context against which many scholars tend to unfortunately harbor prejudice. Give this translation a try!



If one is a serious scholar of Bible translations, this translation is worthwhile to add to one’s collection alongside other well-respected versions such as the KJV, NKJV, and ESV. If one is just casually looking for a translation that is contemporary without being so modern so as to distort the meanings of the verses, this translation is a good place to start. I would recommend this translation, but I would recommend it alongside ESV and NKJV once one becomes more familiar with the linguistic approaches of various translations. From my perspective, GOD’S WORD is the best modern rendition one can find, but one should use it in tandem with other translations to acquire a greater linguistic survey knowledge of Scripture.

Ultimately, as far as I am able to discern, GOD’S WORD is ideal for both the beginning scholar and for the well-versed reader who is looking for a translation that is linguistically modern without being overly and unnecessarily culturally contemporary.

It doesn’t hurt that the Deluxe version has the aesthetic qualities to fit on any reader’s bookshelf without detracting from the tomes comprising the other selections.

Lastly, it would be an ideal translation to use for evangelism because many people are not familiar with historical words seldom used in modern conversation. If the goal is to bring someone to Christ, this translation is basic enough to accommodate that while not discouraging intellectual inquiry. Once the matter of salvation is secured, this translation can be used to encourage the study of versions of more antiquated language to provide an array of perspectives on the Word of God. But, again, GOD’S WORD is a good place to start, and if you are looking for a gift to give to someone, you won’t be thought excessively frugal with the Deluxe Large-Print Bible.

Professor Shawn Hadwiger
Midwest City, OK