Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit

Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit

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Do you feel like you are never good enough or never measure up - no matter how hard you try?

Norma Joyce Dougherty knows all about the glitz and glamour that many women want. As a former Miss Dominion of Canada and contestant in Miss World, Miss Universe, Queen of the Pacific, and a semi-finalist in Miss International, beauty represented an escape to a better life.

But, all that glitters is not gold. Having faced abuse and heartache as a young girl, she then faced an identity crisis once the spotlights dimmed on her new life.

Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit is the true story of overcoming adversity that is seen and inner struggles that are unseen. Norma's extraordinary account will keep you captivated and reveal how any woman can:

  • Accept herself no matter how she looks
  • Feel beautiful in her own skin
  • Find hope and purpose in both success and failure
  • Answer the questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose?
  • Be an overcomer. Replace shame and guilt with a joyous, radiant face
  • Experience the deep, abiding love of God.
Women of every age will relate to the identity crisis that Norma experienced - a crisis perpetuated today with the bombardment of marketing campaigns that focus on looking, acting, and being someone we're not. Choose this triumphant story instead and discover the true beauty that lies within you.

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