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GOD’S WORD of Encouragement: Desert Camo Armed Forces Edition (Case of 100 Copies)

GOD’S WORD of Encouragement: Desert Camo Armed Forces Edition (Case of 100 Copies)

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1 Case of 100 Copies

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The GOD’S WORD Translation (GW) Scripture passages in this booklet describe these present and eternal blessings. They’re encouraging words, a reminder of the tremendous assurance which you and other believers have through faith. 

Because of God’s faithfulness, his words have special application to the difficult moments of your life—times of fear, challenge, discouragement, suffering, anxiety, and impatience. His words alone offer you the encouragement you need in these difficult moments. 

This special 32-page edition features an attractive desert camouflage cover with Psalm 121:1-2 prominently highlighted and incorporates the following sections:

A great introduction on page 1 (also on the back cover)

    Seven pages of Scriptural truths:

    • God’s Love—God’s Faithfulness
    • God’s Forgiveness
    • God’s Salvation
    • Real Peace—Now and Forever!
    • Real Hope—Real Confidence!
    • Real Joy!

    Seventeen pages of encouragement for difficult circumstances:

    • Encouragement When Anxious or Impatient
    • Encouragement When Discouraged
    • Encouragement When Lonely
    • Encouragement When Sick or Suffering
    • Encouragement When Facing Difficult Times
    • Encouragement When Afraid of Death
    • Encouragement When Tempted
    • Encouragement When Fearful

    Four pages of special prayers:

    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • The Apostles’ Creed
    • A Morning Prayer
    • An Evening Prayer
    • For Family/Those at Home
    • Before Travel
    • For Loneliness/Fear
    • During Deployment
    • Before Battle
    • After Battle

    Dimensions: 4.125" x 6"