GOD’S WORD for Boys Bible

GOD’S WORD for Boys Bible

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Very limited copies and color selection. Please call to confirm inventory available: 877-GODSWOR(d) or (877) 463-7967

For years, boys ages 8 to 12 have been reading GOD'S WORD (GW) for Boys and discovering God's special plan for them to become men of true Christian character. GW is life-changing. It is ideally suited for outreach and evangelism, devotional reading, ESL classes, memorization, discipleship, preaching and teaching... and most certainly, worship.

Boys love the following features designed just for them:

Book Introductions

Previews of the content and big ideas of each book of the Bible are provided.

Good Morning, God

Brief devotionals that encourage boys to read, think, and pray about their personal lives and relationships.

Genuine Heroes

An introduction to men in the Bible whose lives display traits for boys to admire.

Men’s World

Fascinating facts about what life was like for men in Bible times.

Be All You Can Be

Challenges boys to act appropriately, make good decisions, and choose worthwhile values.

Drawings, Illustrations, and Maps

Engaging pictures and images bring the Bible to life. God's Word for Boys provides all of these great features alongside the full text of the Bible in clear, everyday language to help boys grow into the men God wants them to be.

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