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GOD’S WORD: Real Hope (Case of 100 Copies)

GOD’S WORD: Real Hope (Case of 100 Copies)

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The title itself—GOD’S WORD: Real Hope—is immediately attractive to people. After all, it’s “what” (i.e. hope) people of all ages are looking for in life. In other words, very few people (whether they’re young or old, educated or less-educated, churched or un-churched) get up in the morning thinking that they need a “New Testament” to get them through the day. Instead, in the face of the tensions, challenges, and fast pace of life, they wake up searching for hope and encouragement to help them get through another day.

This high quality outreach tool immediately introduces (through the powerful message on the back cover) the reader to Jesus—the only One who can change their life. In other words, the text that greets the reader on the back cover guides them through a brief, though powerful, discussion of real hope and points them to Jesus by directing them to John 3:16 and, thereafter, a number of other powerful verses.

This outreach tool is especially attractive. In other words, its packaging, quality, and size immediately commend it to the person into whose hands it has been placed. Remember, New Testaments and (especially) complete Bibles are big books which, because of their size and complexity may intimidate the potential reader. However, GOD’S WORD: Real Hope looks like it can be easily and quickly read; and, in view of its portability, it’s unlikely that it will be thrown away because it easily fits into a purse, book bag, or pocket.

GOD’S WORD: Real Hope contains an exceptionally powerful and theologically relevant introduction that takes the reader from the perfectness of God's creation, to sin, to what God has done about sin in and through the person of Jesus, to what God wants to do in the reader’s life; a number of special sections, including two sections on Martin Luther’s explanation of the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer; and application and theological notes that deal with significant life and Scriptural teachings. 

In other words, every individual who gets a copy—unlike the New Testaments or complete Bibles that many individuals and groups have traditionally purchased and handed out–has a tremendous theological resource in their hands.

Clearly, GOD’S WORD: Real Hope is a tremendous outreach tool that the Holy Spirit can work through to save and change lives!

This exceptionally attractive 128-page paperback edition features the apostle John’s account of Jesus’ ministry with a series of “marked” verses. It also includes the following sections:

Hope for Today in This Troubled World!

Hope for Today: Knowing What God Thinks About You!

Gives various passages from GOD’S WORD that walk the reader through a basic evangelistic message from sin to eternal life including a prayer of response.

John’s Account of the Life of Jesus

Includes extensive notes on such topics as Jesus, the Ten Commandments, Faith, Eternal Life, etc.

The Basics of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed

What Does God Want You to Do?

Encourages worship, spreading the Good News, and serving others.

How to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer

Teaches the importance of prayer—includes the Lord’s Prayer with understandable explanations of each petition.

A Quick Guide to Passages of Hope

Helps the reader with an overview of the “Good News as Told by John” by subject.

This is the finest outreach product available!                     

Dimensions: 4.125" x 6"

GOD'S WORD Translation is clear, natural English and exceptionally readable and reliable. GW is life-changing. It is ideally suited for outreach/evangelism, devotional reading, ESL classes, memorization, discipleship, preaching and teaching... and most certainly, worship.