Essential: Finding Worth in Your Work During Uncertain Times

Essential: Finding Worth in Your Work During Uncertain Times

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When it comes to your job, are you essential?

When our families are isolated, our businesses are in duress, and our stress levels are higher than ever, the one thing we need right now is hope and purpose.

This compelling 30-day devotional will show you that as a Christ-follower, your role isn't to be the hero but to be a guide who points people to Jesus. Your responsibility is to be an ambassador who recognizes Jesus as the hero.

Your calling is to fulfill your role as an irreplaceable and essential member of the body of Christ.

The work you do puts you in the right place to guide people to the next milestone in their journey and point them to Christ.

"Essential" will remind you that your work matters to God. This book will make you confident as you live and work in the shadow of the one true hero who saved the day for all eternity. God calls people like you to guide people to Jesus, and that makes you essential!

Chapters include:

  1. The One Thing We All Need Right Now
  2. Is Your Worth in What You Do?
  3. Calling and Contentment
  4. The True Meaning of Freedom
  5. Beyond the Brokenness
  6. Be Relentless
  7. Simply Because
  8. The Servant with No Name
  9. You Don’t Need Permission
  10. You’re Never Alone
  11. The Practical Presence of God
  12. Don’t Be a Dull Blade
  13. We’re Better Together
  14. Depending on Me
  15. Abundance or Scarcity?
  16. Both/And
  17. Joy is Strength
  18. The ROI of Trust
  19. Into the Deep Water
  20. Making Better Decisions
  21. Trapped by Our Words
  22. How Long, O Lord?
  23. Why You Should Listen to Dreamers
  24. Can Leadership Really Be This Simple?
  25. What Type of Leader are You Becoming?
  26. Vision That Works
  27. Leading Through Uncertain Times
  28. Grace over Pressure
  29. Confidence in Uncertainty
  30. Work For The Good

Essential is published by Vide Press, a division of The Christian Post, and written by Brian Sooy, author and publisher of EntreWorship, a journal that equips mission-driven professionals to experience the joy of faith at work.

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