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Anthem is our guest blogger Mallory Phillips’ first book, available exclusively on Amazon.

Sister, it is time to leave the chains behind and dance in the freedom of Jesus. A wild woman wrapped in the grace of God will see every struggle as an opportunity to be obedient to her King. She does not have the time to feel insecure because she is busy serving and keeping her eyes on the One who created all things.

And she knows, deep down in her heart, that the God of the Universe stills her, leads her, reassures her, encourages her, comforts her, calms her, convicts her, delivers her, and sustains her. She looks dead into the eyes of fear and moves forward in confidence that His rod and staff will comfort her all the days of her life.

He is a wall of fire around her and a canopy from the scorching heat. He will lead her by green pastures and through seasons of harvest and wilderness—yet He is faithful every second of every day of her life.

And by the fierceness of God, she is becoming a woman of courage, a woman of strength, and a woman of discipline. She is obedient in the storms of life because she knows the Life-Giver Himself.

She moves forward one step at a time because at any second, God could take her off the path of fruitfulness. But nonetheless, she does not fear the wind and waves because her footing is made firm in the hope of Jesus. Sister, it is time to find your wild.

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