Devotions with Luther: Treasures in Heaven

Devotions with Luther: Treasures in Heaven


Stop storing up treasures for yourselves on earth, where moths and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. Instead, store up treasures for yourselves in heaven.
Matthew 6:19-20 GW


When Christ says, “Store up treasures for yourselves in heaven,” he is saying, “Let the world have the earthly treasures, which deteriorate, rust, and are easily stolen. The pleasures these things provide is the only happiness the world knows. You, however, aren’t citizens of this world. You are citizens of heaven bought by my blood.

You are destined to receive eternal treasures, which have been prepared and reserved for you. Don’t let your heart get caught up in material possessions.

If you must work with earthly treasures in your job, then guard against their appeal and don’t become a slave to them. Instead, set your sights on the treasures that are waiting for you in heaven. Those are real treasures that moths and rust can’t touch. They can’t be destroyed or stolen.”

Whoever wants to be a Christian should be inspired by the possibility of receiving eternal treasures.

Undoubtedly, a greedy miser would be overjoyed to receive riches that can’t be destroyed by rust or carried off by thieves. Yet, the people of this world don’t pay any attention to heavenly treasures because they can’t see or touch them. By nature, people are enthralled with love for gold and silver, even though they know from experience that these aren’t safe from corrosion and thieves for even an hour. Preaching to these people is useless. If someone refuses to believe what Christ said, preferring instead to rely on his uncertain riches, then let him go. We won’t bring anyone to his senses by dragging him by the hair. Just wait until it’s time for him to leave this world. Let him try to find comfort from the earthly treasures he has piled up. Then, he will realize how little these treasures can actually help him.

This devotion is from “By Faith Alone: 365 Devotional Readings by Martin Luther.”



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