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Military and Parachurch Ministries Endorse the GOD’S WORD Translation

Rev. Bruce Lieske
Former Executive Director
Lutherans in Jewish Evangelism
Orlando, Florida

"Regarding Jewish missions and Bible translations... GOD'S WORD is right on target in Romans 11:14 by translating "jealous" whereas the NIV uses "envy" (which is wrong). The word "jealous" implies that something belongs to you. Envy implies that you want something that is not yours. The Messiah belongs to the Jews."

Bob Nations
Vice President
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

"Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of GOD'S WORD. I just read Isaiah 9:2-7. I love the translation!"

Ted L. Crandall
U.S. Navy
Beaufort, SC

“I’m totally sold on GOD’S WORD! It’s now my most used version. I find it both intelligent and crystal clear. So do my Sailors and Marines....”